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What it Hypnosis ?  


Hypnosis is an opportunity to tap into your reactive (subconscious) part of your brain that is normally not accessible during your conscious/logical state of mind. Hypnosis calms your reactive brain activity while it allows you to rewire unwanted thoughts or reactions. Hypnosis is goal orientated. 


For example: Hypnosis allows to get rid of or put something in.

Get rid of: An unwanted habit such as smoking, over-eating or ruminating thoughts that create stress and anxiety. 

Put something in: Improve self-esteem, positivity and optimism, improve confidence and motivation for better life. 


What hypnosis is not?


Hypnosis is NOT mind control and has no harmful side effects. Hypnotic session involves guided deep relaxation. During the session you will sharpen your imagination and heighten your awareness. You are in total control during your session. Hypnosis will allow you to give rest to your “logical” part of your brain and access your reactive (subconscious) mind. This will enable you to connect with your “deeper self” otherwise rarely available during your day to day conscious state.


Hypnosis proves effective for many individuals. Here are some of the treated issues:

  • Trauma

  • Fears / phobias

  • Weight loss

  • Sleep

  • Stress

  • Anxiety

  • Smoking cessation

  • Body image

  • Self esteem

  • Sports performance enhancement

  • Career enhancement

  • Public speaking

  • Diet and food related concerns

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