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Fees and Rebates

Consultation Fees

We believe that everyone, regardless of their financial situation, should have the opportunity to access mental health service providers. Our aim is to make services affordable and within reach for all individuals by offering minimal gap fees. This invaluable access ensures that everyone can benefit from the right mental health support they deserve.

You will be required to pay the full consultation fee on the day, however there are a range of rebates available to make these services more affordable.

Here is an indication of the rebates available to you (as of June 2023):

Therapy Consultation.                                               From $81.90

Psychiatrist Consultation (Initial).                             From $217.05

Psychiatrist Consultation (45-60min Review).        From $153.15


Medicare Rebates for Therapy Appointments

You could be eligible for a Medicare rebate for up to 10 individual sessions per person, per calendar year. To access this rebate, you need a Mental Health Treatment Plan and from your General Practitioner.

After 6 sessions, you will need have your plan reviewed by your General Practitioner to access another 4 therapy session. Your GP will need to provide you a re-referral.

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Medicare Rebates for Psychiatry Appointments

Medicare also covers part of the cost of your psychiatry appointments. There is no limit on the number of sessions you can receive a rebate for.

To find out more, click here.

Private Health Insurance

Many private health insurers provide rebates for mental health services.

The amount you are rebated will vary depending on your insurance provider and level of cover. You can’t claim both a Medicare rebate and a private health insurance rebate for the same appointment, so if you are eligible for both a Medicare rebate and private health insurance rebate, then it’s worth weighing up the best option for you.

To find out more, check with your insurance provider.

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